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5 Benefits of Building a Cryptocurrency Aggregator

The Takeaway:

An exchange aggregator platform gives users the much-needed ease and value of performing transactions.


With the significant rise in cryptocurrencies and the increasing glamour associated with cryptocurrency. There is an extremely high demand for a service where users can buy or sell cryptocurrency from any trading exchange, without having an account. Effectively working with multiple exchanges to give customers an optimized and streamlined interface, an exchange aggregator network provides consumers with the much-needed convenience and utility of performing transactions.

Users can access all the information they need on a single centralized system without having to wade through multiple log-in processes through various exchanges. Moreover, with the current regulatory environment becoming ever more stringent by the day, an aggregator is immune to the constant fluctuation of rules and regulations, since they function technically as a global exchange, not bound by major legal provisions.


5 Benefits of Building a Cryptocurrency

1. Saving Time

Trading on an exchange aggregator site helps users/investors to take a fast peek at all the prices of different crypto assets available. It saves them time from having to monitor, track, and sign up manually at different exchanges.


2. Guiding Decision Making

Typically, the crypto aggregators have rich visual interfaces with clearly categorized information. It allows for price matching across multiple markets, thereby enabling quick trading. Consequently, price comparison becomes instantaneous and straightforward, and users can make informed choices.


3. More extensive Array of Coin Choices

By working with other cryptocurrency exchanges, an exchange aggregator platform works to provide the best opportunities for its users and, by extension, to acquire new users. The aggregator platform is aiming to get onboard the leading global exchanges. Whenever an exchange platform partners with an aggregator, the aggregator platform makes available all of its coins and offerings.

When we remember the fact that various famous exchanges are likely to have more than five coins each, the aggregator network features their aggregate offering. It increases the alternatives available to bitcoin news and investors, allowing them to reap the maximum benefits from a wide array of cryptocurrencies and many matches.


4. Increased Level of Security

When a crypto transaction performed on an exchange, sensitive details stored in the trade, thereby increasing the possibility of security breaches in the case of vulnerable threats to the transfer. In the case of an aggregator, however, the funds stored in the users’ wallet and there are no impending security challenges.


5. More Personalized

You, as a crypto investor, can track the performance of your crypto portfolio on a single unified interface by integrating multiple crypto exchange API keys when using a crypto aggregator. Not only that, but you can also set up instant alerts for high-interest currencies and receive instantly delivered news in your inbox or mobile phone.

Having read its advantages, do you feel the itch to create a trading site for the Crypto news aggregator discover and examine the benefits of developing a trading site for crypto aggregators and simplify and sophisticate the trading game.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of the author and is not representative of Chaintimes’ views.
The article does not offer any investment advice. User discretion is advised when investing in or trading with cryptocurrency. Extensive and diligent research should be carried out by the reader before making a decision.

Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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