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All you need to know about working in Hyderabad

The Takeaway:

The town of pearls Hyderabad is now an excellent metaphor for new job-seekers. The corporate hub in India is one of the places to get your dream job finally.

Places to Stay in Hyderabad

The things you need to consider before you go for work in Hyderabad is a place to stay. Here are some of the living areas nearest the IT centers in terms of cost-effectiveness and environmental standards.

1. Madhapur:

If you’re an IT professional working in Hyderabad, you’ll most likely land in HiTech City. Then, the place to stay in is Madhapur. It is a little crowded but a decent place in the vicinity of your workplace. Shopping malls and markets are within walking distance so you can make a quick weekend, evening trip, or go for quick bites. Renting a 2BHK apartment ranges from 15-20 K, which is very affordable if 2/4 occupants share the rent. 


2. Gachibowli:

It’s not as crowded as Madhapur and a little far from the hub of work (HiTech City). It is among the most affordable places for candidates seeking Fresher jobs in Hyderabad. You can get a property with two bedrooms under 10-15k, which is reasonable if rented on a sharing basis for freshers.


Places to Work in Hyderabad

1. HiTech City:

Hyderabad’s own ‘Gurgaon’ is the Area of Information Technology and Innovation with many choices in IT, electronics, bio-Informatique, etc. It is also known as Cyberabad due to its relevance to technology and the cyber world of Hyderabad.


2. Begumpet:

Begumpet and Old Begumpet are among the oldest areas in town and one of the city’s main shopping centers. Fresher Jobs in Hyderabad of various designations can be found here.


Modes of travel in Hyderabad

The next thing you have to figure out is how to move around the city after you have a good job and are in a humble residency.

1. Buses:

Buses have a reliable connection in the town for connecting people to their offices. It allows you to ride comfortably across the city while keeping it low in your pocket.


2. Auto-Rickshaws:

You can easily hire auto-rickshaws to roam around the town. You can also share autos for a variety of conventional routes, reducing your traveling costs enormously without losing the convenience.


Trending job opportunities in the city

According to evolving companies and organizations, the current trend in the city’s jobs are for the following:

  • IT professionals– With the growth of IT companies in India, the demand for the workforce is continuously rising.
  • Data Analysts– Data analysts are a vital part of an organization that aims for growth and development, and there is a relentless competition of Data Analyst internships in Hyderabad.
  • Graphic Designers– Hyderabad provides a promising future for expert Graphic Designers.
  • Software Engineers- IT firms not possessing tech engineers? It is impossible. Although the openings overlap with IT professionals in Hyderabad.
  • Managerial Posts- There are too many administrative positions to fill with the increase in the number of business offices in Hyderabad.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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