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Artificial Intelligence Startups in India

The Takeaway:

The growth in the space for the AI startups has been staggering over the next two years. A recent study reported that in India 's innovation capital, Bengaluru, approximately $87.85 Million, was generated.

Artificial Intelligence Indian startups

1. Manthan

Manthan is an AI analytics firm, founded in 2003 with an initial $98 million investment. The AI-powered retail analytics platform of the business provides consumers with prescriptive and concise data, improves customer loyalty, and advises behavior.

The Manthan AI platform provides service to 170 customers across 21 countries. It helps them in various fields such as marketing, targeting customers, inventory, pricing, and promotions. 


2. SigTuple

In 2015 SigTuple started its operations in Bengaluru by collecting $25 million from investors. The startup develops medical diagnostic solutions with the aid of AI and machine learning. The company’s AI platform is designed to perform “screening and advanced urine, blood, semen samples, and retinal scans and X-rays” diagnostics.

Samples of a patient are first evaluated using AI algorithms from SigTuple. They are sent for review to a pathologist. The company is also known for developing an electronic microscope to account for the absence of pathologists.


3. Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den is India’s first startups for AI and Computer Vision.

The business, headquartered in Chennai, aims to introduce AI into consumers’ everyday lives in verticals such as IoT and connected cars, user experience & analytics, online fashion, mobile gaming, social networking, etc. is the flagship name of the organization that services retailers worldwide, particularly in apparel. It also makes the shopping experience more helpful for customers by showcasing products that are most relevant to them across websites, apps, and stores. Mad Street Den was also included in the 2017 Bloomberg list of the fifty most ambitious startups in the country. Read more about the company at yourstory.


4. Haptik

Haptik is specializing in the production of AI-based chatbots for companies, utility firms, and customers. The company was founded in Mumbai in 2013, with funding of $12 million through angel investors in India. Haptik offers advanced bots for diverse applications in the industry.

This also gives consumers:

1. Hybrid, human-to-AI application system

2. Drag & Drop Bot Builder

3. A detailed review of the interactions.


5. Flutura

Flutura is a Bengali-based IoT Startup.

The business is a prominent data analytics software provider with a vision of optimizing organizational results by monetizing computer data.

The flagship product of the enterprise is called Cerebra. Cerebra offers diagnostics and prognostics through AI to create new market interest for energy and infrastructure clients worldwide. The employees for such posts are hired from KillerLaunch.

The company has clientage include:

  • Hitachi
  • Henkel
  • Sodexo
  • GT

 Which also has significant collaborations with Bosch, Halliburton, and Siemens.


6. Niki.Ai

Niki. Ai was founded in 2015, with $2.4 million in seed funding.

The principal feature of the company is a shopping assistant, and chatbot focused on AI. With the help of NLP and ML, the AI assistant helps customers shop for products and services over a chat interface. It also helps to automate things like ordering online, phone recharges, and payments.

Today the organization serves more than 2 million customers and offers 20 + services. The smart chatbot is now available for Messenger on Android, iOS, and Twitter.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
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