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Hot Tips to crack virtual interviews

The Takeaway:

Many employees are either working from home or seeking new jobs online, resulting in an increasingly virtual recruiting cycle.

Tips to crack virtual interviews

A virtual interview, or video interview, is a work interview that leverages video technologies to facilitate remote conversation. Instead of speaking face to face, the recruiting manager and applicant can use video tools to communicate with each other online.


How to Prepare for a Video Interview

1. Test Your Technology

Technical capabilities are considered one of the top qualities companies are looking for in new employees, and in a simulated interview recruiting managers will quickly gage their talents.

Evite potential mechanical problems by checking the hardware before the call. If your video conferencing software produces grainy visuals or muffled audio, investing in an external webcam or microphone might be time. Something softens conversation more like a mid-persuasion point dropped from the call.


2. Keep Your Virtual Identity Professional

Within today’s modern culture, your first experience is always your email address or username. Please don’t justify the recruiting manager to doubt your integrity by including a once-hilarious high school email address you may already use before they even know you.

Keep email addresses and usernames easy. Consider various variations of your title, middle, and last name, or if you’re confused, use business keywords. Often, stop using symbols and numbers one and zero, which, depending on the font, look like letters and can create confusion during outreach.


3. Dress for Success

For virtual meetings, dress up as if you are preparing for an interview in person. Wear your best dress for company, and stick to jewelry colors if you may. According to professional branding experts, these shades “have the perfect contrast for all skin tones, which should avoid washing you out under bright lighting.” Furthermore, avoid any overpowering patterns or flashy accessories to prevent turning the employer’s attention away from your expertise. The main focus should be on answering the central question of why should you be hired for this internship.


4. Monitor Your Body Language

Sadly, the firm handshake and passion you usually welcome employers do not translate through video during an in-person interview from gigster. Alternatively, let your body language express trust. Sit up straight, smile, and keep an eye level on the camera to avoid looking up or down. Evidence suggests managers are more apt to hear what you say if you maintain an eye touch, so make sure to hold your eyes fixed on the camera — not the recruiting manager’s screen image — as you speak.


5. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Treat the video as you would a meeting in person and follow up appropriately. Send an email to whoever you chatted within 24 hours of the session, thanking him or her for taking the time to speak to you. When there is a question that you wish you had replied differently or a topic you wanted to comment on, this is your chance. Only keep a brief note while responding to companies on internship websites in India.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a writer by passion. Born in Delhi, she was always an avid reader of all things readable which motivated her to become an avid writer. Besides writing she’s pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Finance.

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