Sunday, September 19, 2021

Indication its time to find a new job

The Takeaway:

After years of client loyalty, working for 40 + years with the same boss and retirement with a lucrative pension have been replaced by a new trend

How to know? Its time to find a new job.

Competition is high for PAN India companies due to a work market slowdown arising from COVID-19, and many workers will be unwilling to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. While flying old jobs after BBA for a new one often entails a bit of danger, certain factors make the risk worthwhile. Let’s look at a few circumstances in your life that merit such a leap of faith.

You’re Overworked

When a company expands, so will the number of projects that need to be accomplished to be effective in keeping it going. Often, though, managers don’t develop their workforce as quickly as new projects add up to increase income, allowing them to be done by the existing workers. When this happens, employees may take on more responsibilities outside their job description, leaving them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or disengaged.


Your Salary Hasn’t Increased

If your workload rises and you continue to show your boss evidence of your worth, your pay will grow accordingly. Historically, the inflation rate fluctuates between 1.9 and 2.1 percent each year. Therefore, employers who do not have at least this rise in their paychecks per year currently earn less than they did in previous years. Most managers like to learn that workers can fulfill their work duties and significantly impact the business before giving out raises.


You Don’t Feel Challenged

Job hopping doesn’t hold the same derogatory reputation as it once did, primarily because most employers now favor a positive legacy of commitment and competition for the same work over several years of tenure. When you are not always challenged in your current career, consider a role that can drive you to accomplish new ambitions, learn new talents, and meet standards daily rather than merely doing the same activities on a day-to-day basis.


You Don’t Feel Appreciated

A new survey showed that 66 percent of employers said they would possibly quit their workplace and delete Naukri account if they feel unappreciated, while 76 percent of millennials said the same. There are several different motivators in their careers that drive employees. Some seek capital, some seek opportunities, and some find work/life balance, but all want to feel respected for their work. Employers who refuse to reward workers for a job well done will suffer from staff retention as workers gravitate to businesses that cultivate gratitude.


Your Work Environment Is Toxic

A hazardous work climate is the most crucial cause of leaving employers. Sadly, some administrators and businesses use blunt words, hostile actions, or intimidation as motivational tools. Although this can yield short-term results, it inevitably leads to high attrition of employees, disengagement, indifference, or apathy to quality of work and a culture of work so traumatic that it can cause many health problems. 

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a writer by passion. Born in Delhi, she was always an avid reader of all things readable which motivated her to become an avid writer. Besides writing she’s pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Finance.

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