Sunday, September 19, 2021

Internship or job, how should you start your career?

The Takeaway:

Job or internship? What should I choose? How to begin my career with? These are some common questions that haunt every college student's mind.

Being fresher and new to this workspace environment, college students have to either take an entry-level job or an internship, which may pay them a little less or no money in the beginning. 

Sometimes, an entry-level job helps to earn money, which the student can use to pay his college fees. On the other hand, an internship provides valuable experience and knowledge in a particular work-field.

So, which is the best choice for your future?

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This article will tell you all the things you should consider while choosing the right path for your career and also a relative comparison between both.


1. Think about your long-term goals

A common mistake that most of the students make in an instant is that they consider their present scenario while choosing the career option. 

It might look luring to you in the beginning to take a job, but later, you may realize that you don’t have those skills which are needed in this profession. So, taking an internship would’ve been the right option then.

You can explore thousands of Internshala internships and choose the one matching your skills and experiences. 

Don’t forget the fact that several entry-level jobs are directly connected to your respective degrees. For example, only a student with an IT degree can become a software engineer. So, before applying for a job, make sure to check your academic background.


2. Connections matter!

Making the right connections matter. College classes, internships, and part-time jobs can be used to make the right connections with your peers and seniors. 

Impressing your professors and seniors will help you a lot later when you apply for jobs. Don’t overlook anything as an opportunity to network.

You don’t even know that the coffee shop owner near you might help make connections with people in business later.

The right college and academic background will help you build an impressive resume, but these connections are the ones that help you land a job later.


3. Time to choose!

Ideally, you will be able to get a paid internship or balance an unpaid internship with a part-time job. Look for regular internships that allow you to choose your hours or commit to a full day or two, rather than doing a few hours each day. 

Also, consider temporary jobs that offer extraordinary hours. Fast food and delivery services may not be the top decisions in your job search, but they allow you to work extra hours to spend time with your studies and college classes.

Many startup stories also began with thinking of doing something extraordinary, generating thousands of startup jobs in the country. So, start thinking and make the right choice!

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